"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."
A. de St Exapery

"People are like stained glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness comes,
their true beauty is revealed only by the light from within."

E. Kubler-Ross

In 2003, Sasha Star began facilitating
a wide variety of Work-&-PlayShops.
She continues to offer an excellent
selection of options,
with the most popular one currently Being...

~ Our LOVEvolution ~

During Our LOVEvolution,
We Experience 'Loving Presence' as Who we Are:
The Divine, the Power of Connection with our True Selves
and each other, As We Are,
Realized, Accepted and Embraced
in the Fullness of our Moments.

"In Love no longer "thou" and "I" exist,
For the self has passed away in the Beloved."


In this workshop, through Experiential Exercises, Meditation, Intention, Creative Exploration, Intuitive Expression, Gentle Witnessing, Self-Acknowledgment, Shadow Embracing and Genuine Support, We Honor Our Strengths, Gifts to Share, Passions, Fears and Needs. We have the Opportunity to Fully Embody Our TRUE Selves, Share through our Hearts from Our Infinite Source, and Experience Unconditional Acceptance and Love, and the Full Circle of Giving and Receiving.
Tears of Healing, Tears of Realization and Tears of Joy are all Welcome Here, in this Sacred, Safe and Fun Space!

"Sashie Star set up and managed the most powerful
social environment I have ever experienced.

As I looked around the circle during my first session,
I realized and knew the beautiful truth;
that I have nothing to hide from any of these people
and they have nothing to hide from me.

During a whole weekend of exceptional and beautiful
moments and experiences,  The Lovevolution
was the highlight; moving, memorable and liberating."

Jay Sanders, Prince George, B.C.   September 2009

"Excellent workshop! Great facilitation! I found this very heart opening."
Carola Veloso, Vancouver B.C. 2009


"How awesome! Pure. Helpful. I am so grateful for your embodiement of love and wisdom, creation of space and attunement. Yay for our lovevolution!"
S.J. , Salt Spring Island, B.C. 2009

"Sashie, I am sooooooo happy with the love that I have shared and expereinced here! Thank you!
Laura Crozman, Prince George, B.C. April 2009


"This session provided me with a sacred safe space where I was listened to and respected. Woot! Woot! Thank you!"
Stephen Hawkins, Dog Creek, B.C. 2009


"Our lovevolution was AWESOME! Yay! Thanks so much sweetheart!"
Jen Aarts, Bowden, AB. 2009


"This was a VERY good workshop!!!"
H.G. , Vancouver B.C. 2009


Doug Drinkwater Prince George, B.C. 2009


Sashie-Star's facilitation is fun, inspirational, educational, empowering and positively transformational! She guides us to trust and honor our selves, our bodies and our emotions...and most importantly, to set ourselves free to live from our hearts as our full potential! Her offerings are at the same time formed, and formless. Her sharings are intended to be like maps for us, and if we choose to pay attention to them, we embark and continue on the most sacred journey of all:
Our Journey Home, Our Journey Within Self...The Journey of Love.

Alchemy of Love
Holistic Services…
for Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit and Soul!
Providing Transformational, Inspirational & Regenerational
Workshops, Classes and Private Sessions for Living In Love NOW!    250.888.8502

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