Learning Through Living Series
Practical Spirituality for everyday Life.

Through shared teachings, experiential exercises, and everything from meditation to real-life participation, we learn, grow, heal and integrate all aspects of our Being: Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit & Soul.
By Exploring and expanding our consciousness, we truly Evolve so as to Awaken within the Dream of Life.
Learn to Love your Life and Live your Dream!
Join with like-minded people and take part in one of Sasha~Star's class-sets in the Learning Through Living series.
Experience Peace Within and Remember your True Nature as you apply what you Learn to your everyday Living.

*To read specifically about Sasha~Star's Love'In Motion
Ecstatic Dance, Movement & Meditation class (formerly called Our Natural Rhythms), please see the following web page.

Sasha~Star offers a wide variety of classes.
For weekly on-going, and drop-in schedules, locations and current info,
please contact her directly
by email sashiestar@gmail.com
or by phone @ 250.267.8287 or 250.888.8502.


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