Tandem Sessions

"Unity only exists in the heart. It is a feeling: love.
And in love the notion of self disappears; only the other remains."
Swami Prajnanpad

* Sashie has a great network of friends and collegues who are fabulous therapists and healers as well. Two sets of hands, hearts and minds can unite and create even more powerfully transformational experiences! Contact her for more info.

* This extra support can also be achieved by bringing along a friend or partner to your private session. Sasha delights in working with those who desire to be supportive to their loved ones but aren't sure quite how. This always turns out to be a very powerful and healing experience for everyone involved!

* Sashie is also available to work with other therapists and healers who desire to have her unique gifts and skills be integrated into sessions with their clients.

For More Information on Tandem Sessions,
Please Contact Sasha~Star directly
by email at sashiestar@gmail.com
or phone @ 250.267.8287 or 250.888.8502

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