"The soul shines in the hearts of all living beings.

When you see the soul in others,

you forget your own desires and fears,

and lose yourself in the service of others."

The Upanishads




Inspires Love in Being

and Facilitates Love in Motion.....!


She specializes in

Creative Exploration,

Inspired Transformation

& Self-Realization

through Love Consciousness.





Lynn Valley Canyon Waterfall by Sasha~Star



Sashie-Star's facilitation is fun, inspirational, educational, empowering and positively transformational! The space she creates is safe, sacred, beautiful and totally down-to-earth-comfortable. She guides us to trust and honor our selves, our bodies and our emotions...and most importantly, to set ourselves free to live from our hearts as our full potential! Her Loving Presence inspires us to Be Free and Empowered to Live in Love, no matter what. The classes and sessions she offers are at the same time formed, and formless. Her teachings and offerings are intended to be like maps for us, and if we choose to pay attention to them, we embark  and continue on the most sacred journey of all:
The Journey Home, The Journey Within Self-
The Journey of Love.


RoseWings by Daniel B. Holeman

"You could say that I started my learning
with what was given to me at birth,
continued with what was natural for me to do,
and completed it by trusting what was meant to be."

The Book of Lieh Tzu



Sasha~Star invites you to discover her services...

And looks forward to assisting you in any way that she can!




Services Available Include:





*Holistic Spiritual Counseling & Coaching


* Intuitive and Empathic Readings &

Guided Inner Journeys


* Whole-Self Awareness & Expression,

Self-Healing & Empowerment


* Massage/Bodywork, Healing Arts & Energy Medicine


* Meditation, Movement & Ecstatic Dance Facilitation



* A Variety of Work-and-PlayShops,

Retreats & Classes


* "Our LOVEvolution" and other evolutionary personal growth and development group work


*Consciousness Expansion, Presence &

Awakening Assistance


* Oracle-Tarot Card Private Readings &

Group Readings/Parties


* Sacred Circle Gatherings


* Ritual and Ceremony


* Divine Feminine & Goddess Play



* Sacred Birth Guidance and Consultation, & Loving Doula Assistance (pre/post-pregnancy and labour support & education)


* Children’s Faery & Theme Parties


* Assistance with specially-gifted and special-needs children


* Face Painting & Theatrical Artistry


* Space Design & Decoration


* Writing, Poetry & Pray’erformance


*Art Prints & Cards


* Jewelry Design & Magical Creations


…and many more Unique & Divine Inspirations!



"Dear Sasha, What can i say? Your words are so healing, as is your touch and caring soul. You are obviously the rainbow! You are Ke Anuenue oka Honua - The Rainbow of the Earth! Love,
B.K. , 2006


" Dear Sasha, Your Truth shines through a lovely massage - Truly, you have a beautiful spirit, which I picked up the first time I saw you. Whatever your personal aims, goals are - one thing is for sure - you have many gifts to offer the world, and you often and always show it. Keep going on this path that is made for you - so young and yet so mature. Love,
S.H. May 2005





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