Williams Lake Tribune Article March 2010

Sashie Star offers evening of unique experiences

by Robyn Mumford

Thursday evening at the local Kix for Chix venue,  Sashie-Star from Gavin Lake offered another of her unique classes, in which her facilitation gave everyday people the opportunity to have extraordinary experiences. About a dozen women came together to share, dance, and feel their hearts free and open during their personal journeys to re-connect with their “true selves”.

Sashie-Star loves creating fun, beautiful and sacred spaces in which people feel safe to let themselves go and open up to whatever is really going on inside. She says that we so often get disconnected from our hearts as we live our lives, and that it is important to take time out to nurture ourselves, and get renewed. She uses her many years of experience facilitating workshops, retreats and private sessions to assist people through the sorts of transformations and healings that, just as in tonight’s experience, often are truly inspiring and life-changing.

The class began with an opening heart circle in which we were all given the opportunity to reflect on our lives at the moment and share what we wanted to work through. Learning to be patient, to trust ourselves, to let go of fear, to let go of the past, to let go of unhealthy relationships, to discover what our true callings were, and to just be there to move were some of the things expressed.

Sashie guided us into a series of deep breathing exercises and a meditation to soul-stirring music, that led to moving our bodies through various rhythms and movements, which all helped us to get out of our heads and into our hearts.   Sashie’s voice was so soothing, gentle and smooth, that it was incredibly easy to just get lost in her voice, her instruction, and the music.  Guiding us to be fully present in the moment, to compassionately embrace whatever emotions were being felt, and to focus on the love in our hearts seemed like second nature to her.  We opened to new and old parts of ourselves, some that we had been suppressing, some that we had been longing to return to, but all that were liberating to experience.

This class offered a completely safe and loving environment where we had the chance to let go of “every day life”, and connect to our own “authentic living”. We were guided to take full responsibility for ourselves and supported to trust whatever was moving, opening and releasing through us. It felt natural and empowering to just be present in the moment with ourselves and with each other as we experienced the healing power of moving our bodies to our own rhythms.  ………

Tyler Walton, who has been missing from Williams Lake since November 9, 2009, was also “present” with us during this movement and meditation journey.  “The last thing he told me was that he wanted to go to another Sashie-Star workshop,” his longtime friend Lacey Ranger said.  “I really felt he was here and dancing with us,” and in turn, we all danced with Tyler.  A fundraising event and concert is planned for March 20 at the Elks Hall at 7pm for Tyler and his family.

After some debriefing and more unique exercises led by Sashie in the closing circle, we each shared what we felt we had accomplished throughout the evening.  She said, “I too am feeling very inspired and renewed from our time together and really mean it when I say it wouldn't be what it was without each of your part in our CO-creation! Thank you for having the courage to be so open and vulnerable and honest! It is not only a beautiful gift we are giving ourselves by taking this time, but such an amazing strength for us to show up so authentically and share this way with each other!”

Among other on-going offerings, Sashie-Star will be facilitating an all-day workshop on March 21.  She will also be at the Pollination event where people from the community and around the province come together to celebrate and share their gifts and talents, and nourishing food through two days of holistic workshops which runs April 24-26 at Gavin Lake.

This truly was a most profound and wonderfully empowering experience for me and all of those that chose to come together for this transformation.

Sashie-Star is grateful to be able to create and share such inspiring, intimate and transformational time with people. Her motto is “Love your Life and Live your Dream” and she looks forward to continuing to support people in their journeys to embody these words as a reality.  Sashie~Star can be reached directly by email at or by phone at 250-267-8287. For more information on the many services she offers through Alchemy of Love Holistic Arts & Services, please visit:


April 2010 Williams Lake Tribune Article
by Robyn Mumford

Last Thursday evening a “Pollination Awakening” event was held at the Gecko Tree.
Organized by Deborah Tobin, this event was a fundraiser for the annual Pollination
weekend at Gavin Lake as well as a CD release party for local one-man-band Brent
Morton of Drum and Bell Tower.

Pollination is a yearly gathering held at the Gavin Lake Forest Education Center. An
intentional dance and workshop event, Pollination is meant to open your mind and heart,
putting you in touch with the way that life is meant to be lived.

The Gecko Tree was packed as so many people came out to enjoy this fun evening. The
evening started with Elli Taylor and Gabriel Holmes performing a few of their original

Brent played music from his new CD Scratch Out Your Name and then followed up
one of his ‘regional folk’ songs about an epic Chilcotin Mountain bike tour by special

The evening continued with Horsefly locals Geoff and Cole Patenaude and Jake
Gillespie, singing and playing some of their folk music. By the end of the night it was
clear that people were reluctant to go home and leave the enjoyable atmosphere behind.
Food, drinks and laughter was shared by many who gathered for this evening and there
was an excitement in the air about the Fourth Annual Pollination that is soon to come.

Sashie Star, member of the Pollination Organizer's Committee enthusiastically shared
about the upcoming weekend gathering: "This is definitely an event worth checking out!
We really strive to create an environment that is warm, welcoming, fun and educational
to young and old alike. Everyone gets the opportunity to share in the magic of creating
and partaking in a wide variety of workshops and activities, amongst a diversity of people
from all over the province. It is really an experience to nourish the soul in so many

This year, Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Lora "Arnica" Fairbrother, Change your Mind
Change Your Life with Nicole Robinson, The who, what and why of I… with Granville
Johnson, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, Our LOVEvolution
with Sasha~Star, a Writer’s Circle Workshop with Lorne Dufour and Sage Birchwater,
Stepping Stones with Maddy Laberge, and a Stained Glass workshop with Mark Rupp are
some of the workshops that will be offered. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, and sound healing
are also offered.

“From nourishing food, to relaxation in nature, to great music, educational and
experiential workshops, market-place, fabulous families and friends and did I mention
the sauna by the lake? Quite simply, it is a weekend filled with too many highlights to
mention, and one that many people look forward to all year long! I am sure we will be
seeing lots of familiar faces again this year, and I also welcome and encourage anyone
who's yet to experience this extraordinary local gathering to come share in the fun!"

Pollination is a 3 day, 2 night event happening on Earth Day weekend, April 23-25.
Tickets include 5 wholesome vegetarian meals catered by the Gecko Tree Cafe, sleeping

accomodations in heated cabins, and as mentioned, so much more. Creating an intimate
environment is part of Pollination’s success, therefore space is limited so register early to
ensure you have a bed and meals at the event. Tickets can be purchased online at: http:/
/ or at the Gecko Tree. The full weekend rate is
$140 for an adult or $70 for children under 13. If you can’t make the whole weekend,
you can just check out the Saturday events, which also includes meals, for $70

Sashie Star finished by saying "This year's theme is "Solar Spectrum", and as all ancient
cultures knew of the importance of the sun in sustaining life on our planet, there will
too be a focus of this at Pollination. People are encouraged to bring along costumes and
face paint to add to the experience of honouring the Sun, and the incredibly creative
atmosphere in general that this event is so well-known for. The camp really undergoes an
exciting transformation for this weekend, and anyone who feels inspired to be part of the
pre-Pollination decorating is welcome to join in the fun! All-round, this is really a great
community event, so come on out and join in the festivities!"

For more info on Pollination, or if you would like to be involved, please check out the
above website which has a great FAQ section, or email:

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