and Alchemy of Love  Holistic Arts & Services

are all ABOUT Living In Love !

"Love is the energizing elixir of the universe,

the cause and effect of all harmonies."


Morning Glory by Elizabeth Kyle

"Love conquers all things: let us too give in to Love."
Virgil Eclogues

Thank You for Being Here and checking out my Website!
I hope you Enjoy yourself while you're perusing these pages.
My name is Sasha~Star,
my business is Alchemy of Love Holistic Services,
and it is my Pleasure to "meet" you!

"My message is the practice of compassion, love and kindness."
Dalai Lama

"Someday, after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity,
we shall harness the energy of Love,

and for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."

Pierre Teilhard DeChardin

Currently, my private practice is based in the Cariboo Regional District of B.C. I work from home in a cozy little cabin nestled in Nature on Gavin Lake, which is one hour east of Williams Lake, as well as in a little studio room at the magical Hobbit House, which is a wonderful Holistic Centre, Gallery and Metaphysical Gift Shop in downtown Williams Lake. At the end of 2006, I essentially moved my life & my practice on Vancouver Island and journeyed up North to follow my heart, though I continue to see clients on Vancouver Island, and can often be found traveling up and down the coast, and popping up at gatherings and festivals between these two beautiful places. Though Deeply Grounded, I am a Gypsy at Heart, Flexible, Mobile and Able to make myself Available for Private Sessions, Phone Consultations, Classes, Workshops, Retreats, House Visits and Parties almost anywhere if the Timing and Circumstances Align and it's InSpired & Meant to Be!

Tree Roots by Sasha Star

It is my passion to facilitate and inspire the deeply transformational experiences people long for: the kind of experiences that are Soul-Stirring, Heart-Opening, Spirit-Inspiring, Mind-Expanding, and Body-Healing. The kind of freeing experiences that assist people in returning to the Truth of their Being, which I believe is Love. I do this through facilitating transformational movement on all levels of being--mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and beyond, mainly in holistic workshops, classes and private sessions. My primary work is as a Holistic Spiritual Counselor, though the range of my work is quite broad. I also love to create and share beautiful products and gifts that nourish our hearts and inspire our world.

Love-Heart Mudra - Sasha~Star

I believe, consciously or unconsciously, we all seek Love, Freedom and Happiness- yet often get lost searching for it outside of ourselves. It is my Experience that these qualities are already aspects of our True Nature. It is my ‘calling’ to use my Wisdom, Experience, Skills and Gifts to assist people in returning to this often long-forgotten yet perhaps most natural state of Being: Love. That is, instead of living the experiences of fear, and unconsciously acting them out to sabotage ourselves or others, we can instead live in the experience of Love, or Trust, and fulfill our highest potential and manifest our heart’s dreams. 

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Beyond my many combined years of study, training, and hands-on experience in this field, it is truly my passion and driving desire to do this work that I feel creates my success.
I am also constantly undertaking my own on-going studies and practices of Self-Mastery as I continue to learn and grow and expand in my consciousness and experiences of life.
I know that the love, support, wisdom and genuine care I have to offer are truly invaluable and limitless and I derive great joy in sharing these. My genuine warmth, compassion and natural gifts of empathy and intuition enable people to feel safe and supported deeply enough to experience the transformation and healing they desire. From my experience, I feel that my true passion, dedication and commitment to people’s healing and awakening creates the kinds of experiences that take place when love and skill are blended together, and from my heart to yours, these gifts are my artful and sincere offerings.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground."


Hand Offering - Sasha~Star
"What words can express these Life gifts ?
So Deep- So Pure- So Powerful and Direct is the assistance you offer!
An immensity of attentive Love*Wisdom presence.. which calls forth, remembers  WiseLove  presence in all you touch. I thank you again for your purity, your open lovingness, and for all the great blessings you so freely offer . i am so grateful for your modeling of living in grace, and for all the realness and beauty you share and invoke.
My experience with your sessions: they are  True Self HEALING  concentrated.. More profound than hundreds of therapy hours, utterly potent, yet gentle, Life changing.. a face to face, heart to heart encounter with Young Woman God..and with one’s True Self.
People be prepared!!
Bless you forever Sasha  for your genius Art of re-presencing us,
for your full-on, open-now aliveness and incredible attunement.
 Alchemy of Love.. your name is  true.
ps. I had a major miracle today Sashie, that  grew out of the miracle I received in our Lovevolution day, and in my session..WOW!
Infinite thank yous"

Sheya Jordan, 
April 2009


Faery - Brian Froud


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